LifestyleLiving in a trailer with five kids: Tori Spelling shares her feelings

Living in a trailer with five kids: Tori Spelling shares her feelings

Tori Spelling showed off a new picture.
Tori Spelling showed off a new picture.
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11:31 AM EST, November 11, 2023

Recently, Tori Spelling has become the talk of the town due to news circulating in the media that she moved into a camping trailer with her five children. The actress has subsequently broken her silence on social media.

Spelling rose to fame through her role in "Beverly Hills 90210". Many are unaware that her father was the famous film director and producer, Aaron Spelling, who came up with the popular TV show in which his daughter starred. Regrettably, the actress has been attempting to overcome financial problems in recent years.

Spelling reveals new photo

In June, Dean McDermott, the actress's husband, announced their separation in a post. Shortly after, paparazzi photographed Spelling in the camping trailer where she was living with her children.

During this challenging time, both her mother and friends expressed concern for her mental health and financial situation. After all, supporting five children unaccustomed to such living conditions was no easy task.

Following months of speculation, the actress finally logged in on Instagram to voice her thoughts.

"I believe in always looking forward and keeping your eye on the prize… But this morning I took a moment to reflect. It’s important every once in a while to look back and remind yourself how far you’ve come and remind yourself that you are a badass," wrote the star.

Spelling also took this opportunity to reveal a new photograph. The actress introduced herself to fans without a hint of makeup.

"Don't stop spreading love! You have such a powerful light that the world needs more of the goodness you radiate!"
"You've really faced a lot of adversity in your life, but you've always remained very positive. Never let that light dim. Your kids should be very proud of you," her fans commented.

Spelling's life's ups and downs

In 2006, Tori Spelling wed Canadian actor Dean McDermott, with whom she had five children. However, their relationship didn't go as planned.

Throughout their relationship, McDermott was involved in numerous infidelities, which Spelling always forgave. The actor attributed his behavior to being a sex addict. It seemed like nothing would drive them apart until June when McDermott announced the end of their marriage.

Spelling subsequently moved her children into a camping trailer. American media reported that the star couldn't afford to pay rent for an apartment. The actress's financial struggles have been public knowledge for years.

The "Beverly Hills 90210" star was reluctant to ask her relatives for assistance. Spelling's mother confessed that she learned about the situation through the media.

Soon it became apparent that moving out of the Los Angeles residence wasn't solely due to financial constraints. Gossip sites reported the presence of mold in the star's home, which significantly affected the health of the household members. The actress decided not to take chances and promptly changed her place of residence.

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