LifestyleLivigno: More than a ski resort, paradise in the Italian Alps

Livigno: More than a ski resort, paradise in the Italian Alps

Livigno is one of the sunniest ski resorts.
Livigno is one of the sunniest ski resorts.
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12:09 PM EST, January 22, 2024

My adventure with skiing (and more) began unexpectedly in Livigno, one of the most beautiful alpine resorts in the world.

A sun-filled town

Livigno is a small Italian town perched at an altitude of 5958 feet above sea level, nestled between two mountain ranges. Considered one of the sunniest ski resorts, slopes on both sides of the valley allow for skiing throughout the day in the sun - it shines on one side until noon, before shifting to the other in the afternoon.

Its location, unique microclimate, and the equipment to cover 80 percent of the ski slopes with snow in case of poor weather conditions ensure a season from late November to early May in Livigno.

Livigno's charm lies in its alpine atmosphere. Its small size allows visitors to walk almost everywhere. For those carrying ski equipment, there's the convenience of free ski buses to all slopes. Livigno is equipped to accommodate hundreds of thousands of tourists each season, boasting around 1,500 apartments and over 100 hotels.

Free ski passes

A highlight of a Livigno visit is the free ski pass, which can save about $225 per person during a week's stay. To avail of this, there are a couple of conditions: you must visit between December 3rd to 17th or April 15th to May 1st, and book a minimum of four nights in a hotel or seven in an apartment. It's essential to make direct reservations with establishments or via the website.

"Family Week"

Another cost-effective strategy is the "Family Week" offer, scheduled for January 21-28, 2023 and for March 25-April 1, 2023. As part of this promotion, the first child up to 12 years will receive free accommodation if accompanied by two adults, and any subsequent child will be charged at 50% of the rate.

If both guardians purchase ski passes during these periods, all children will receive theirs for free. You can also avail of free lessons and equipment rental, followed by another 50% discount on such services.

Skiing and snowboarding in Livigno - even for beginners

While skiing was a main attraction, I soon realized that Livigno had so much more to offer; there's something for everyone who's not a classic skiing fan or might want to mix things up. Below are a few that I managed to try.

Cross-country skiing

Livigno offers about 19 miles of public cross-country trails of varied difficulty levels. I recommend beginners book a ride with an instructor for a faster and safer learning experience.

Fat biking

An absolute must for cycling enthusiasts. Personally, it was my best adventure in Livigno. Biking 16 miles across the breathtaking winter landscapes of the Alta Valtellina valley on an electrically assisted fat bike was an unforgettable experience.

Aquagranda Water Park

After a high-energy day on the slopes, you can unwind at the Aquagranda water park; it offers pools, saunas, and massage services. For those still seeking vigorous activities, there's even a 75-foot long swimming pool.

Livigno Museum

The museum presents a snapshot of life in Livigno over a century ago, a time when the town was almost completely isolated due to impassable winter roads.

Livigno delights at every time of day and night.
Livigno delights at every time of day and night.© Adobe Stock

Duty-free shopping

In Livigno, shopping enthusiasts can indulge themselves. Over 200 stores, mainly in the center, offer a wide array of products—some of which are tax-free—including alcohol, tobacco products, electronics, fuel, perfumes, or clothing.

Italian cuisine

Last but not least, the delectable Italian cuisine. Livigno gives you the opportunity to sample regional dishes, such as pizzoccheri della Valtellina, a buckwheat pasta with potatoes, cabbage, cheese, butter, and garlic.

The first "serious" meeting ended successfully.
The first "serious" meeting ended successfully.© Private archive
Cross-country skiing expedition in the Alta Valtellina valley
Cross-country skiing expedition in the Alta Valtellina valley© Private archive
Biking in winter is something wonderful.
Biking in winter is something wonderful.© Private archive
Pool in the Wellness&Relax section
Pool in the Wellness&Relax section© Press materials | Helmuth Rier
In the Livigno museum, you can learn about the history of the town.
In the Livigno museum, you can learn about the history of the town.© Private archive
In Livigno, you can meet many shopping frenzy enthusiasts.
In Livigno, you can meet many shopping frenzy enthusiasts.© Press materials | Roby Trab
Pizzocheri della Valtellina is an exceptionally filling dish.
Pizzocheri della Valtellina is an exceptionally filling dish.© Adobe Stock
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