HealthLive younger: how your diet can effectively decrease your metabolic age

Live younger: how your diet can effectively decrease your metabolic age

Cherries are a valuable source of vitamins.
Cherries are a valuable source of vitamins.
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7:34 AM EST, January 12, 2024

Red pepper is a superb source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. It contains about five times more vitamin C than a lemon.

Beyond red peppers, black currants, parsley, Brussels sprouts, wild roses, and horseradish leaves are also good to consume. Each of these is rich in vitamin C.

In addition to boosting immunity, red pepper can strengthen the body, support blood vessel health, slow the aging process, and protect against damage from free radicals. It may even reduce the risk of cancer.


Consider adding wild fruits, especially berries, to your diet. They are rich in essential nutrients: B vitamins and vitamins A and C, along with calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

Berries boost immunity, enhance circulation, and improve metabolic processes. They also assist in eliminating toxins from the body. Berries are beneficial whether eaten raw or processed, with raw berries recommended for relieving constipation and purées and juices helping to soothe diarrhea.


Cherries are a nutrient "powerhouse" loaded with iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, and vitamins A, B, and C. They contain 82% water, making them juicy and refreshing.

Besides their delicious taste, cherries also stimulate metabolism, accelerate fat burning, lower cholesterol, alleviate inflammation, and may assist in combating insomnia.


Oats are recommended for restoring bacterial flora and reducing cholesterol. They also help decrease the risk of stroke, heart attack, and atherosclerosis.

Rich in soluble fiber, oats also positively impact the digestive system, support the immune system and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Natural yogurts, low-fat cottage cheese, and kefir are especially recommended. These are excellent sources of calcium.

These dairy products support the nervous system's proper function and ensure proper blood clotting. Choose dairy options with no added salt or low fat whenever possible.

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