EntertainmentLittle Reindeer: The hit series outpacing The Witcher on Netflix

Little Reindeer: The hit series outpacing The Witcher on Netflix

"Reniferek" is breaking popularity records.
"Reniferek" is breaking popularity records.
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8:17 PM EDT, May 12, 2024

"Little Reindeer", a series featuring a comedian entangled in a stalking nightmare, is setting new benchmarks on Netflix. This production is on track to potentially rank as one of the streaming giant's most acclaimed offerings. It's quickly approaching the popularity of The Witcher.

The narrative of "Little Reindeer" revolves around Donny Dunne (portrayed by Richard Gadd), a burgeoning comedian who moonlights as a bartender. His life takes a turn when he encounters Martha (portrayed brilliantly by Jessica Gunning) at the bar and offers her a complimentary cup of tea. Martha's admiration for Donny quickly spirals into a dangerous obsession, threatening to unravel the boundaries of his personal life.

The series' launch sparked significant controversy. An unidentified woman, believed to have inspired the character of Martha, is contemplating a defamation lawsuit against Netflix. Moreover, Gadd faces allegations from a transgender actress and ex-partner, who claims she was unfairly rejected for a role post-breakup, raising concerns about the casting process.

"Little Reindeer" sets viewership records, poised to surpass The Witcher

Since its debut on Netflix on April 11th, "Little Reindeer" has rapidly captivated audiences. Deadline reports that the show has amassed 60 million views in less than a month post-premiere, with the viewership rate still climbing. The last week alone (from April 29th to May 5th) saw an impressive 18.6 million views.

With more time, "Little Reindeer" is well-positioned to break into the top 10 most popular English-language Netflix series. The first season of The Witcher holds the 10th spot with over 83 million views, indicating that Reindeer could soon take the lead, even potentially surpassing the series led by Henry Cavill.

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