TechLithuania supplies six cutting-edge radars to bolster Ukraine's defense

Lithuania supplies six cutting-edge radars to bolster Ukraine's defense

Radar Amber-1800
Radar Amber-1800
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8:37 AM EDT, May 17, 2024

Lithuania will purchase six Amber-1800 long-range aerial reconnaissance radars, which will be handed over to Ukraine as part of the German IAAD (Immediate Action on Air Defence) initiative. This effort aims to strengthen Ukrainian air defense, reports Military Portal, citing German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

Air defense protection is a top priority for Ukrainians in their ongoing conflict with Russia. The USA acknowledges this, intending to send another Patriot system to Kyiv. This valuable support will enable Ukrainians to counter almost any aerial threat from Russia.

European countries, including Lithuania, which is participating in the German IAAD initiative, also recognize the importance of securing Ukraine's airspace. According to Pistorius, Lithuania will support Ukraine with six Amber-1800 air observation radars. The German defense minister did not disclose specifics regarding the handover, so the delivery date for the radars is currently unknown.

Six Amber-1800 radars for Ukraine from Lithuania

The Amber-1800 ground mobile radar stations are a domestic design for Lithuanians, produced by LiTak-Tak. Vilnius plans to buy and hand over six such complexes to Ukraine, allowing defenders to deploy the equipment in several key points and cover a large area with observation.

This radar's history dates back to 2014 when it was presented at the MSPO 2014 fair in Kielce. It operates in the VHF band and is intended for the independent detection of aerial objects, their azimuth, and specific coordinates.

The radar's antenna consists of two sections with 12 radiating elements each, and it automatically unfolds within 4-8 minutes. Once unfolded, it can rotate up to six revolutions per minute and conduct surveillance in the frequency band from 140 to 180 MHz with 200 kHz increments.

The detection range of the Amber-1800 radar is specified as 217 miles, optionally extending to 311 miles. Thanks to an 8 kW transmitter, the observation accuracy is 886 feet with an error margin of 0.4 degrees. This will enable Ukrainians to monitor all aerial objects within a range of several hundred miles and provide essential information for conducting attacks or defense to allied units.

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