NewsLife at sea cruises' 3-Year global voyage canceled, stranded passengers seek refunds

Life at sea cruises' 3‑Year global voyage canceled, stranded passengers seek refunds

The journey was supposed to last over 1000 days.
The journey was supposed to last over 1000 days.
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11:34 AM EST, November 29, 2023

Originally billed as a groundbreaking, extended multi-year cruise, the Life at Sea Cruises voyage promised an unforgettable luxury journey through 140 countries and 382 ports. A group of 110 people, eager to embrace the opportunity, sold or rented their homes to be a part of this venture. However, the dream voyage was canceled at the last moment, leaving its passengers stranded.

The luxurious proposition from Life at Sea Cruises successfully lured 110 passengers. This three-year voyage was marketed with an enticing itinerary that covered all seven continents, 140 countries, and 382 ports. The voyage was initially scheduled to commence from Istanbul on November 1, 2023.

Cancellation of the Luxury Cruise

The asking price for the journey on even the most modest cabin was a hefty 90,000 dollars, roughly equivalent to 400,000 zł. The most luxurious suite on board, complete with a large balcony, carried an annual price tag of 109,000 dollars (about 484,000 zł).

The cruise was designed to offer passengers a wide range of experiences and luxuries. Apart from visits to many top-notch tourist attractions, passengers were promised access to remote workspaces, a library, a hospital, a swimming pool, and a variety of dining options.

Unforeseen issues arose as the voyage's startup neared. The date of departure was first rescheduled to November 11, and Istanbul was replaced with Amsterdam as the launch point. Following another delay, the cruise was finally canceled outright.

In Istanbul, many stranded passengers are left in disarray. Having sold or rented their homes to go on the cruise, many people are now left without a roof over their heads. The company has pledged to refund the fees but has restricted payments to installments, which could take several months.

"I had envisioned spending the next three years of my life on this incredible journey. Now I have nothing," a distraught passenger confided to CNN.

The cruise was canceled due to an unforeseen complication: the ship was not purchased. Although the company found potential investors, the mounting conflict in the Middle East forced them to withdraw their support.

Vedat Ugurlu, the owner of Miray Cruises, expressed his regret to the disgruntled passengers. Quoted by CNN, Ugurlu assured that the company is still in search of a suitable ship and will propose a departure at a later time. Erasing uncertainties, he vowed to refund all the money if the delay persists.

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