EntertainmentLiam Neeson to Star in 'The Naked Gun' Remake: What to Expect

Liam Neeson to Star in 'The Naked Gun' Remake: What to Expect

Leslie Nielsen in a movie from the "Naked Gun" series.
Leslie Nielsen in a movie from the "Naked Gun" series.
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5:22 AM EST, February 29, 2024

Leslie Nielsen, a Canadian-born actor, made his film debut in the mid-1950s. Initially renowned for his dramatic roles, Nielsen was often cast as the ruggedly handsome, tough protagonist. His early career peaked with a leading role in the sci-fi hit "Forbidden Planet" (1956), firmly typecasting him until a pivotal shift in 1982 with "Airplane!"

The masterminds of film parody, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker, unlocked his vast comedic talent in "Airplane!". While Nielsen had only a supporting role, it laid the groundwork for his ascent to comedic stardom.

His breakthrough came with the 1982 six-episode series "Police Squad!", which paved the way for the 1988 cinematic venture "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!". It was then that audiences worldwide embraced Leslie Nielsen's comedic genius.

"Working in comedies isn’t as fun as one might think, or at least it shouldn’t be. Jim Abrahams and David Zucker ran a tight ship on set, maintaining a strictly professional atmosphere. They believed that the more laughter there was during the filming of a scene, the less humorous it would be on screen. Comedy is a serious business," Nielsen remarked in an interview.

Who will play Frank Drebin?

Leslie Nielsen passed away on November 28, 2010, having spent the last two decades of his life starring in countless comedies, with the "The Naked Gun" series marking the pinnacle of his comedic career. The trilogy concluded in 1994.

The world is set to welcome Frank Drebin again by announcing a new remake of "The Naked Gun," slated for release on July 15, 2025. This time, the legendary character will be revived by an unlikely successor, known more for action-packed roles than comedic flair—Liam Neeson.

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