TechLess tracking on Instagram. You have to do just one thing

Less tracking on Instagram. You have to do just one thing

Instagram is introducing changes
Instagram is introducing changes
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4:27 PM EDT, October 19, 2023

Instagram has made a decision that should please its users. It's about improving their privacy. From now on, it will be easier to combat tracking on the platform. Users will also have the ability to delete accumulated data.

Meta has announced a change that will make it easier to maintain privacy on Instagram. As we read in the official communication, new settings will appear in the Account Center, thanks to which it will be more convenient to manage the information collected by Facebook and Instagram services.

Through the Account Center, for example, the user will be able to download information from Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time. This change, for example, allows for the downloading of photos uploaded on both platforms, without the need to perform separate operations for each of the social networking sites owned by Meta.

For those users who value privacy, however, the more important change concerns the so-called "off-Meta activity" option. Previously, this option was only available as "off-Facebook activity" - from now on, Instagram users also have access to the settings.

This new feature enables management of information that is sent to Meta, from where it is then made available to specific companies. From the level of the settings just shared, the user can specify, among other things, to which companies they do not want to send information. It is also possible to completely clear the collected data.

In a statement released by Meta, we also read that an option will appear on Instagram to transfer content, such as photos or videos, to other platforms. However, it was not specified which platforms are referred to.

As Meta emphasizes, you can perform operations related to your account on Facebook, on Instagram, and both accounts simultaneously, from the Account Center. The user decides how they want to manage privacy and information assigned to the accounts.

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