SportsLeonardo DiCaprio's soccer knowledge mocked by ex-Arsenal star Mesut Oezil in age-related comeback

Leonardo DiCaprio's soccer knowledge mocked by ex‑Arsenal star Mesut Oezil in age‑related comeback

In the picture: Mesut Oezil and Leonardo DiCaprio.
In the picture: Mesut Oezil and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Images source: © Getty Images | Ahmad Mora, Wikipedia
2:07 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Leonardo DiCaprio's artistry is not unknown to film enthusiasts. His excellent performances across numerous roles have earned him significant acclaim. His portrayal of 'Jack' in "Titanic" drew worldwide recognition, and his leading role in 'The Revenant' brought him the much-envied Oscar.

However, DiCaprio's achievements are not just confined to his acting prowess. His romantic liaisons with younger women often create a buzz in the gossip columns. It is broadly accepted that the actor prefers dating partners who are under 25 years old.

During a recent event at Leicester Square in London, DiCaprio was asked about his thoughts on soccer. Unapologetically, he acknowledged his unfamiliarity with the sport. His remark that the fame of top soccer players surpasses that of the NBA's leading stars led him to question:

"What is Arsenal?"

Mesut Oezil, a retired German player who formerly played for Arsenal, chose to respond to DiCaprio's query humorously on social media.

"Why would he know about Arsenal? It's over 25 years old," quipped Oezil.

Oezil's jest draws on the popular internet theory that DiCaprio's romantic relationships typically end before his girlfriends reach 25 years of age.

At present, DiCaprio is seeing 25-year-old Italian model, Vittoria Ceretti. This relationship appears to be having a settled effect on the actor, who, at 49, has even met his partner's parents.

During his time at Arsenal, Oezil featured in over 250 matches and spent eight years with the club, clinching four FA Cups.

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