EntertainmentLeonardo DiCaprio's dating habits spotlighted at Super Bowl amid successful film season

Leonardo DiCaprio's dating habits spotlighted at Super Bowl amid successful film season

Leonardo DiCaprio fell victim to a SpongeBob prank at the Super Bowl.
Leonardo DiCaprio fell victim to a SpongeBob prank at the Super Bowl.
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5:44 AM EST, February 12, 2024

The final of the NFL league, also known as the Super Bowl, occurred on the night of February 10 to 11. The event is not just about the American football players that matter; this time, the game is between the San Francisco 49ers and the victorious Kansas City Chiefs. It also garners attention for the commercials, and the latest movie trailers broadcast to millions of TV viewers. Traditionally, big-name stars deliver live musical performances, with Usher making the last evening memorable.

Both viewers and commentators keep a keen eye on the celebrities in attendance. Celebrities must be cognizant that potential fashion mishaps or the latest gossip could become fodder for public ridicule.

This time, Leonardo DiCaprio was at the receiving end of a sharp comment. Despite having a successful movie season--based on his role as Ernest Burkhart in "The Devil in the White City" by Martin Scorsese, for which he received critical acclaim and numerous film award nominations, though missing out on an Oscar--DiCaprio's dating habits turned out to be the reason for the jab thrown his way during the Super Bowl.

Despite nearing 50, Leonardo DiCaprio has become notorious for his tendency to date younger women. The American press has pointed out that the actor apparently ends his relationship when his partners turn 25. The age gap between the star and his consecutive girlfriends seems to be growing.

Thus, a character dressed as Spongebob's comment during the Super Bowl final upon spotting the actor wasn't surprising: "Leonardo DiCaprio! 25!". The character added an explanation, saying, "It's about his dating history".

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