HealthLeg numbness, a warning sign of Alzheimer's, discopathy, diabetes, and cancer

Leg numbness, a warning sign of Alzheimer's, discopathy, diabetes, and cancer

What can numbness in the feet indicate?
What can numbness in the feet indicate?
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2:33 PM EST, January 10, 2024

One in three young people experience an early sign of Alzheimer's.


The nerves exiting different spine sections oversee the sensation in our lower limbs. Degenerative changes in the spine can lead to nerve conduction issues, with numbness in the limbs often being a symptom.

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Should the health issue affect the sacral and lumbar segments of the spine, it often results in numbness in the feet. Conditions like a herniated disc, brought on by excessive vertebral pressure, can also cause leg numbness. Prolonged stillness in one position or the presence of a tumor within the nerve can trigger nerve compression.


People with diabetes who have developed diabetic neuropathy can experience leg numbness. This severe complication damages the nerve endings in the limbs, causing impaired or total absence of sensation in the foot. It's worth noting that even a minor injury can cause hard-to-heal wounds in those with diabetic neuropathy, and could even lead to diabetic foot syndrome. Neuropathy itself can be triggered by excessive alcohol consumption, certain medications, or a deficiency of B vitamins.

Disease in joints and cancer

Leg numbness could suggest the development of certain cancers, including bone cancer. Sometimes, a tumor growing around the bone causes this symptom. Numbness can also occur due to degenerative joint disease, which damages the joint's cartilage and, eventually, the entire joint. This condition is most commonly found in the spine and hip joint.

Several other conditions may cause numbness in the lower limbs, including atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, neurosis, peripheral vascular disease, and multiple sclerosis. Poor diet and specific vitamins and minerals deficiencies can also lead to this symptom.

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