LifestyleLaw firm employee turns heads with unconventional business wear on TikTok, despite criticism

Law firm employee turns heads with unconventional business wear on TikTok, despite criticism

Victoria has her favorite set of clothes.
Victoria has her favorite set of clothes.
Images source: © TikTok

1:11 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Victoria operates a TikTok account under the handle @lovevickyalways. She shares many experiences with her followers, particularly her daily wear to her job at the law firm. Intriguingly, her attire significantly deviates from the conventional perception of formal business wear. Underneath her blazer, she often dons a mini skirt and lace.

Even though I work in the legal sector, I still wear mini skirts to work. You can't stop me - Victoria provocatively stated in one of her videos.

In another video, she highlighted that she wears lace underwear to work, visibly so, and is unphased by it. However, it appears many of her followers are concerned.

Dress appropriately for your profession - a commentator wrote.
What does your employer think about this? - queried another follower.

Despite receiving criticism, Victoria doesn't seem bothered, particularly as she also receives positive feedback for her unique style.

Expectant Mother Faces Criticism

Victoria recently revealed that she's expecting. In a video where she's observing her belly in the fourth month and questioning her pregnancy, it's noticeable that she hasn't given up on her favorite ensemble of blazers and lace.

But this preferred style didn't meet the expectations of many followers.

If I were pregnant, I would never dress like that. You should be more covered up - a follower commented on the video.

Victoria was quick to dismiss the criticism.

In a separate comment, a follower expressed hope that Victoria won't end up as one of those mothers criticizing teachers' attire. Victoria, the law firm employee, reassured her by emphasizing her open-mindedness and appreciation for beautiful women.

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