NewsLatvia's preparedness at the Russian border: an official statement

Latvia's preparedness at the Russian border: an official statement

Latvia's border with Russia
Latvia's border with Russia
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6:46 PM EST, November 29, 2023

Latvian authorities issued a statement on the situation at the Russia border, emphasizing the readiness to address any challenges. President and Prime Minister announce the coordination of all countries that share borders with Russia and Belarus, according to the LETA agency.

President Edgars Rinkevics and Prime Minister Evika Silina met to assess the situation at Latvia's eastern border. The meeting comes in light of Finland's decision to close its border with Russia. Silina briefed the president about her discussions with Finnish authorities in Helsinki.

Government and Authorities Prepared for Swift Response

"I have been assured that the government and authorities are prepared for a swift response should there be any changes in the situation," Rinkevics said.

Silina emphasized that the Latvian border guard maintains communication with countries bordering Russia and Belarus. Additionally, she revealed that she is in direct contact with Finland, Lithuania, and Estonia's authorities.

Finland's Radical Step: 'The Situation Is Serious'

"We are all aware that the situation is serious. There's only one crossing open between Latvia and Belarus, and two at the Russian border. Despite potential challenges and situations, we are ready to respond," said the head of the Latvian government.

The Finnish government made the decision to close its entire border with Russia on Tuesday. As a result, immigrants aiming to reach Finland via Russia will now be unable to cross the eastern border and apply for asylum. The Finnish-Russian border will only remain open to freight traffic.

As a response to Russia's actions in October, Latvia decided to close two border crossings with Russia: Vientuli and Pededze. This move was prompted by Russia's decision to limit Ukrainian citizens' access to Russia from EU countries through the small crossing at Vientuli. The Latvian Ministry assessed that this decision by Russia could lead to situations at the border posing a threat to national security and disrupting public order.

To address immigration pressure, Latvia also resolved to close the border crossing at Silene on the Belarus border.

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