NewsLatvia's Premier Compares Russia to 'Unpredictable Alcoholic' Amid Tensions

Latvia's Premier Compares Russia to 'Unpredictable Alcoholic' Amid Tensions

Vladimir Putin was compared to an "alcoholic"
Vladimir Putin was compared to an "alcoholic"
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10:33 AM EST, March 9, 2024

According to the LSM portal, a part of the public broadcaster, this comparison was described as both "interesting and undoubtedly correct". The context for Silina's remark stemmed from a question about whether repeated assurances of Latvia's security and the protection of its eastern border actually have the opposite of the intended effect—specifically, whether such assurances make citizens feel less secure.

Silina elaborated: "Living next to a neighbor who resembles an alcoholic or a person with an addiction means we cannot predict their actions." - "It's vital to recognize our proximity to Russia and Belarus. Russia has initiated a conflict in Ukraine, and in response, we are following a clearly defined scenario. We've fortified our land border with Belarus and are currently doing the same along our border with Russia. Additionally, we're enhancing our military capabilities in these areas," she explained.

The Prime Minister underlined that there is no basis for self-reproach, stating: "we have no reason to blame ourselves for any lack of action". Silina also highlighted that Latvia has reinstated compulsory military service and has boosted its defense spending.

An interesting note on the website of the Latvian public broadcaster pointed out that "President of Russia Vladimir Putin is known to abstain from alcohol or to be almost a teetotaler, thus his actions cannot be attributed to being under the influence".

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