NewsLatvian MEP Żdanok's alleged links to Russian intelligence revealed in leaked emails

Latvian MEP Żdanok's alleged links to Russian intelligence revealed in leaked emails

The MEP from Latvia was supposed to cooperate with Russian intelligence.
The MEP from Latvia was supposed to cooperate with Russian intelligence.
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4:29 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:39 AM EST, March 7, 2024

"The Insider" secured information about the cooperation between the Latvian MEP and the FSB via leaked emails between Żdanok and her contacts in Russian intelligence, as reported by the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism "Re: Baltica". According to these journalists, Żdanok has been under the surveillance of the Federal Security Service since at least 2004.

While it remains unknown if Żdanok was recruited by the FSB prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, "The Insider" revealed that in 2005, she was interacting with her then-supervisor, presumed to be Dmitrij Gładiej.

Żdanok reportedly sent Gładiej various projects and plans, while also soliciting for financial resources. In a dialogue with "The Insider", Żdanok confirmed her association with Gładiej. She purportedly maintained personal connections with him and his family. As an MEP, she also attended conferences hosted by his organization in Saint Petersburg.

However, the MEP did not disclose why she sent documents, messages, or plans related to her work in the European Parliament to him, as informed by "The Insider".

In addition, "The Insider" reported that Żdanok had collaborations with Artiom Kuryev from the FSB. In 2014, Żdanok apparently requested a Schengen visa from the Belgian embassy in Moscow for Kuryev, enabling him to visit the European Parliament from April 2-8, immediately following Russia's annexation of Crimea.

The politician declared that she will not comment on the content of the documents, which were reportedly acquired by hacking her email.

Tatjana Żdanok, a native of Riga with Russian heritage, is the co-chair of the Russian Union of Latvia. In the 1980s, she campaigned for Latvia to remain part of the Soviet Union. Żdanok gained entry to the European Parliament in 2004 where she joined the Greens - European Free Alliance. In March 2022, she voted against the European Parliament's resolution condeming Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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