EntertainmentLate bodybuilder Jo Lindner's scent, released as perfume, sparks confusion and revulsion

Late bodybuilder Jo Lindner's scent, released as perfume, sparks confusion and revulsion

In the photo: Jo Lindner with his father (on the left) and sister (on the right)
In the photo: Jo Lindner with his father (on the left) and sister (on the right)
Images source: © Instagram
1:44 PM EST, February 8, 2024

In the latter half of June and early July of last year, the tragic passing of Jo Lindner was a topic of discussion. Aged 30 and still an active bodybuilder, Lindner's sudden death came as a shock. He passed away in his loved one's arms.

"He died in my arms. It happened so suddenly. Just three days prior he was complaining about neck and back pain. There are so many things that remain unknown until it's too late. An aneurysm took him away from me. He was kind, loving, and trusting. At the moment, I can't write anything more" - his partner Nicha wrote at the time.

We are approaching the first anniversary of his passing. Suddenly, the German bodybuilder is back in the limelight. This is largely due to his parents' initiative aimed at keeping their son's memory alive among his fan base.

It began with the creation of an Instagram account in Lindner's memory. Later, his father announced plans to publish a biography, which was no surprise. The shocking news, however, was about the development of a perfume line said to carry the scent of the late bodybuilder.

"Whenever we touch his belongings, we smell his fragrance and feel his presence around us. We want to extend this experience to you, so you can feel connected to him" - Johannes Lindner explains.

The proposition has sparked aversion among numerous online users. Many posts criticizing the parents for their chosen mode of memorializing their son quickly followed.

"I have the gut feeling that the family is trying to profit from his death", "This post makes me feel sick", "I read through other comments, and it appears we all feel the same way about this", "Please, don't exploit his legacy for profit" - reacted users under the controversial post.

The father of the late bodybuilder has clarified that a portion of the profits will be donated to charity. This assurance, however, has done little to appease fans repulsed by the notion of the perfumes.

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