NewsLanzarote beach find: Cocaine worth 5 million euros in Atlantic

Lanzarote beach find: Cocaine worth 5 million euros in Atlantic

The package contained approx. 35 kg of drugs.
The package contained approx. 35 kg of drugs.
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9:43 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

A package floating in the Atlantic Ocean caught the eye of a passerby strolling on the beach of the Spanish island of Lanzarote. It contained 77 pounds of drugs.

The mysterious shipment missed its intended recipient. A random individual retrieved the package from the waters between Famara and La Graciosa. Upon realizing what was inside, the finder promptly informed the local police.

A package valued at 5 million euros retrieved from the sea

The police kept the package secure until representatives of the Civil Guard arrived. The shipment was found to contain 77 pounds of cocaine, valued at approximately 5 million euros.

This incident is not isolated; significant quantities of narcotics have been discovered around Lanzarote before. In recent years, multiple packages containing marijuana and cocaine have been retrieved from the waters near La Graciosa.

A nexus in the smuggling network

Lanzarote acts as a pivotal point for drug traffickers moving their cargo from South America to Africa and Europe.

The island has recently seen a surge in tourist interest due to its volcanic landscape and unique natural beauty. It appears that tourists and drug traffickers have developed a fondness for Lanzarote.

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