EntertainmentLady Gaga shuts down pregnancy rumors with support from Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga shuts down pregnancy rumors with support from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift supports Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift supports Lady Gaga
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10:31 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

Being a star and a woman is often very difficult. A few days ago, speculation began circulating on social media that Lady Gaga is pregnant, all because she appeared to have a protruding belly in several paparazzi photos. The singer denied the reports, and Taylor Swift showed her support.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are some of the most famous artists in the world. The Americans have numerous spectacular albums to their credit and are regularly awarded for the music they create. Lady Gaga is also appreciated in the acting world, having made an impression in productions such as "A Star is Born" and "House of Gucci." Both women are incredibly appreciated and have supported each other for several years.

Even though it is 2024, many people still do not realize how hurtful comments directed at others can be. Women, especially well-known ones, frequently read remarks about how they should look and any weight they have gained or lost. Social media is often abuzz with speculations about which famous woman is pregnant. This time, Lady Gaga was reading speculation about whether she will have a child.

Lady Gaga denies being pregnant and refers to Taylor Swift

A few days ago, social media information showed that Lady Gaga might be pregnant. The confusion arose because the singer had a slightly protruding belly in a few paparazzi photos, which led internet users to speculate about the birth of the artist's child. It turned out that Lady Gaga was not expecting a child; she had not been to the gym for a few weeks.

To end the speculation, she officially addressed the situation on social media. On Tuesday, June 4, she posted a video on TikTok explaining that she was not pregnant and had just not been to the gym. In the video description, she referenced a song lyric from Taylor Swift's latest album: "Down bad crying at the gym," from the song "Down Bad" by the younger artist. Additionally, Lady Gaga appealed to Americans to participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

Taylor Swift supports Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift commented on the video posted by Lady Gaga. In her comment, she wrote that it is very irresponsible to comment on anyone's body. She emphasized that no woman, including Lady Gaga, should have to explain her appearance on TikTok. Taylor Swift knows firsthand what pregnancy speculations can lead to. In 2014, the artist struggled with eating disorders because, even though her stomach slightly protruded, commentary about her weight gain or potential pregnancy ran rampant.

Taylor Swift supports Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift supports Lady Gaga© TikTok | Taylor Swift
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