AutosLada Spark: Russia's automotive rebirth amid challenges

Lada Spark: Russia's automotive rebirth amid challenges

Łada Spark
Łada Spark
Images source: © Press materials | AvtoVAZ

4:43 AM EST, March 1, 2024

The automotive giant AvtoVAZ has rolled out a preliminary batch of the novel Lada Spark. Positioned within the B or C vehicle segment, the Spark is undergoing road trials, with its commercial debut pending, as stated by Maxim Sokolov, the company's head. The specifics of the launch date remain uncertain.

According to, mass production of Spark is slated for early 2025. The new model will coexist with the longstanding Granta model, infamously awkward and unveiled by Putin in 2011, marred by startup and trunk-opening mishaps. Granta is expected to be phased out by 2027, positioning Spark as its potential heir.

Available in sedan, station wagon, and all-terrain station wagon variations, the Spark is based on the XJO platform, which shares similarities with the older CMF-B platform by Renault. Despite Renault's exit from Russia, AvtoVAZ seems to maintain vestiges of partnership, relying on pre-existing solutions. The extent of Russian-made components in Spark remains unclear, as does the degree of reliance on Chinese imports. Official details on the vehicle's features and specifications are yet to be disclosed.

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