NewsKyiv to negotiate with Moscow? Unexpected reports emerge

Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow? Unexpected reports emerge

Will Kyiv negotiate with Moscow? Unexpected reports
Will Kyiv negotiate with Moscow? Unexpected reports
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1:03 PM EDT, November 4, 2023

American and European officials have discretely engaged in talks with Ukraine concerning the possibility of beginning peace negotiations with Russia, according to NBC reports.

An NBC publication indicated that officials from the USA and EU have initiated discussions with Kiev about "what Ukraine might need to concede" to reach an accord with the Kremlin.

It is reported that some of these discussions took place last month during a meeting of representatives from over 50 countries supporting Ukraine, including NATO members.

Quiet coercion towards peace? Kyiv under western pressure

Anonymous officials aware of the talks pointed out that the dialogue considers the dynamics of military actions in Ukraine, as well as the political situation in both the United States and Europe.

The talks were initiated due to concerns expressed by American and EU officials about the stalemate on the battlefield and uncertainty regarding future aid to Ukraine.

The Biden administration is also apprehensive that Ukraine is running out of soldiers, while Russia appears to have an unlimited supply of resources, as noted by these officials.

End of year marks the deadline for Ukrainians? "Peace talks need to initiate soon"

Officials have privately expressed the viewpoint that Ukraine has until the end of the year, or slightly longer, to start peace negotiations, and have shared these thoughts with their European allies.

"Human resources are the major concern for the American administration at the moment," said one source who is familiar with the discussions. They highlighted that the USA and its allies can provide Ukraine with weapons but insisted that without competent personnel to operate them, the assistance would be of minimum use.

Simultaneously, US officials emphasize that the Biden administration doesn't have any information to suggest that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is prepared for negotiations with Ukraine.

Progress with Ukraine's counter-offensive is slow and hopes for significant gains, including reaching the sea near Russia's border, are dwindling. The lack of substantial progression on the battlefield in Ukraine is not helping to reverse the declining trend of support for Kyiv, officials claim.

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