NewsKyiv hosts first Equality March since 2021, amid war and counter-protests

Kyiv hosts first Equality March since 2021, amid war and counter-protests

Nervous in Kyiv. Two demonstrations in the capital
Nervous in Kyiv. Two demonstrations in the capital
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9:31 AM EDT, June 16, 2024

In Kyiv, the Equality March took place for the first time since the outbreak of the war. Media reports indicate that the demonstration did not last long. Simultaneously, a second march "for traditional values" appeared.

For safety reasons, the Equality Parade was limited to 500 participants. Media reports reveal that activists, representatives of diplomatic missions, foreign politicians, and international observers participated. Participants walked 330 feet and then dispersed quickly.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered on Khreshchatyk to organize their action "for traditional values." They attempted to reach the march's location but did not make it in time. A video from that moment was posted online.

The counter-demonstration took place near the Kyiv City Council building. Demonstrators came with banners containing anti-LGBT messages and repeatedly tried to break through the police cordon, succeeding only after the parade had ended.

"Unite for Equality and Victory"

The Chair of KyivPride, Anna Sarakhina, emphasized the importance of organizing the march in Kyiv this year despite the risks. She stated that one goal of the event is to increase Ukraine's visibility on the international stage and demand protection.

The march's slogan, "Unite for Equality and Victory," aims to convey that LGBTQ+ representatives are part of Ukrainian society and contribute to victory in the war.

"The time has come to show the whole world that Ukrainian society is confidently stepping towards democratic values," KyivPride wrote on Facebook.

The NGO, "Ukrainian LGBT+ Military for Equal Rights", also participated in Pride, drawing attention to the discrimination and unequal rights they face. They emphasized Ukraine's need for air defense and weapons in its fight against Russia.

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