NewsKyiv Faces Growing Resistance to Military Mobilization Amid War

Kyiv Faces Growing Resistance to Military Mobilization Amid War

"Mass reluctance" to fight. Ukrainians don't want to put on their boots.
"Mass reluctance" to fight. Ukrainians don't want to put on their boots.
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6:11 AM EDT, May 15, 2024

Major Alexander Bonadrenko, a representative of the military command in the Sumy region of Ukraine, has revealed that Kyiv is grappling with "a large-scale social rejection of the army." "We faced a large-scale invasion, and now we face large-scale social rejection of the army. I am obsessed with knowing when this widespread rejection of the army began," Bonadrenko shared with El Pais in an interview.

During their time with the regional territorial recruitment center (TCC) staff—Ukraine's equivalent of a military enlistment office—journalists observed first-hand the process of distributing military summons to men. "Citizens, both men and women, aimed distrustful looks at the soldiers who identified them in villages and on the road," El Pais reported.

Citizens alert each other about the TCC

Yulia Vitkovska, the official spokesperson for the TCC in Sumy, disclosed to the press that the most effective tactic for serving summons to men has been at checkpoints along the roads. "The population finds out about our location through (social network) Telegram groups, and the men disappear," Witkowska pointed out.

On a typical day, the patrol issues around 15 summons, but "On a normal day, on average, we can deliver 15 summonses, but when we do large operations, when we cut several roads and there is no way to bypass the roadblocks, we can reach 50," a senior officer in the group confirmed.

New mobilization laws set to take effect

In Ukraine, mobilization rules have become stricter, with new regulations set to be implemented on May 18. The previous categories defining limited fitness have been eliminated, leaving only two distinctions: "fit" and "unfit" for military service. Those previously classified under limited physical fitness must undergo a reexamination within nine months to be reassigned into one of the new categories.

The age range for mobilization eligibility has been modified from 27 to 25. However, men aged 18 to 25 who have not completed military service will not be mobilized during wartime. Starting May 18, all men between 18 and 60 must submit their personal information.

"This marks the end of a peaceful era," stated Dmitry Lazutkin, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. He believes it's crucial "to mobilize the whole country and society as a whole."

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