NewsKyiv bombarded by massive missile attack, officials and US Ambassador respond

Kyiv bombarded by massive missile attack, officials and US Ambassador respond

Massive Russian attack on Kyiv
Massive Russian attack on Kyiv
Images source: © X | Nexta

8:22 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

Russians launched a massive missile attack on Kyiv, as detailed by Ukrainian media. This aggression unfolded swiftly following the triggering of the air raid warning. "A column of smoke was visible over Kyiv's eastern bank after explosions punctuated the sky," was the report given.

According to Ukrainian media, the Russian military initiated a widespread missile assault on central Kyiv on March 25. Reports from the city described "numerous explosions." This offensive commenced just a minute after the air raid alarm was activated.

A "Kyiv Independent" journalist reported that around 3:30 AM Eastern Time, Kyiv was rocked by at least four explosions.

Following these explosions over the eastern bank of Kyiv, observers reported seeing a column of smoke.

One residential building was reportedly decimated as a consequence of the attack. Nexta, on platform X, reported "preliminary information indicates the city is under attack by ballistic missiles. Air raid warnings have been issued across various regions of Ukraine."

Kyiv's authorities respond

In response to the Russian aggression, Kyiv's officials have urgently called on inhabitants to find shelter against the bombardment. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed four injuries.

Immediate on-site treatment was provided for two of the injured, while two others, including a 16-year-old girl, needed hospitalization. The full impact of this incursion is still being assessed by emergency services.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine has made remarks regarding the incident. Bridget Brink, speaking on platform X, stated, "Russia has once more targeted Ukraine with hypersonic missiles this morning."

Over the last five days, Russia has deployed hundreds of missiles and drones against Ukraine, a sovereign nation in dire need of our support. There's no time to hesitate, as emphasized by the ambassador.
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