NewsKremlin's war trophies. Western military gear on display in Moscow

Kremlin's war trophies. Western military gear on display in Moscow

Moscow. Russians displayed equipment that they had captured in Ukraine.
Moscow. Russians displayed equipment that they had captured in Ukraine.
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7:32 AM EDT, May 2, 2024

The Kremlin showcases trophies. An “exhibition” of Western equipment seized in Ukraine draws comments. "Brilliant idea," says Peskov, while Zakharova offers bizarre remarks.

Organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the exhibition displays more than 30 pieces of heavy Western-made equipment. This includes the American M1 Abrams tank and Bradley armored fighting vehicle, the German Leopard 2 tank and Marder armored personnel carrier, and the French AMX-10RC armored vehicle, alongside weapon components and documents.

Timed to coincide with the anniversary of the victory over Germany in World War II, the exhibition will be open for a month. Media had speculated that Russia might use captured Western equipment from Ukraine as propaganda during the May 9 parade.

Peskov praises the exhibition

The Russian government criticizes the supply of Western armaments to Ukraine, seeing it as evidence of NATO's involvement in the conflict. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has asserted that Western support for Kyiv will not alter the conflict's trajectory.

The exhibition follows Russia’s success in seizing more territory in eastern Ukraine, aided by delays in Western deliveries due to disputes within the U.S. Congress.

"It's a brilliant idea," commented Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson, on the exhibition. The exhibition of trophy equipment will attract great interest from Moscow residents, guests of our city, and all residents of the country," he added, emphasizing that "We should all see the enemy’s battered equipment."

According to the AP, Russian military bloggers have drawn parallels between this exhibition and historical displays of Nazi military equipment captured by the USSR during World War II.

Zakharova's remarks

Maria Zakharova, a leading government supporter, and Foreign Ministry spokesperson has asked foreign diplomats in Moscow to visit the exhibition. She claims it demonstrates how the "West destroys peace on the planet." "This exhibition will be interesting to all those who still believe in mythical ‘Western values’ or fail to notice an aggression unleashed by NATO against Russia and our people," Zakharova stated.

Russian officials’ statements overlooked the significance of the equipment in aiding Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression and the protection of Ukrainian citizens.

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