NewsKremlin's sabotage plan: Europe on high alert amidst nato tensions

Kremlin's sabotage plan: Europe on high alert amidst nato tensions

Fire at Marywilska 44
Fire at Marywilska 44
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11:46 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

"Intelligence agencies warn 'Kremlin plotting acts of sabotage on Continent' amid escalation of a stand-off with NATO." The newspaper mentions the fire at the London warehouse, Swedish trail derailments, Ikea in Vilnius, and a shopping center in Warsaw in this context.

A warehouse fire in London, a fire at an Ikea store in Vilnius, train derailments in Sweden, and finally, the fire at the shopping center in Warsaw. Could these seemingly unrelated events have something in common?

"It was Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, who began joining the dots to suggest the West was under attack by Russian espionage," writes "The Telegraph."

According to the newspaper, these claims are gaining traction, especially after the recent arrest in France. A former Russian soldier was arrested this week north of Paris after an explosion occurred in his hotel room due to explosive materials.

Western agencies have been warning for several weeks about possible acts of sabotage by Russia, including reports about GRU saboteurs who specialize in such operations.

Agencies also warn that the Russians are collaborating with human smuggling gangs, which—according to the newspaper's sources—poses additional threats.

Another element of Russia's behavior

"The Telegraph" recalls the statement of a Western counterintelligence officer, who told the "Financial Times" that "There is a greater chance of collateral damage and casualties as the proxies are not skilled in tradecraft, such as explosives."

"We are seeing sabotage continue as another ascent of Russia's behavior," the source told "The Telegraph."

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