NewsKremlin doubts Ukraine's role in Crocus City Hall attack, citing intelligence failures

Kremlin doubts Ukraine's role in Crocus City Hall attack, citing intelligence failures

Car has a problem. His environment is talking about "shock." "They don't believe."
Car has a problem. His environment is talking about "shock." "They don't believe."
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1:57 PM EDT, March 27, 2024

People close to Vladimir Putin are skeptical that Ukraine was behind the attack on Crocus City Hall, according to Bloomberg. The news outlet's sources suggest that Kremlin officials were "shocked" by what they view as a lapse in the effectiveness of the Russian intelligence services. It's reported that nearly 140 people were killed and another 182 injured in the incident.

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One Bloomberg source noted that during meetings Putin attended, officials “agreed there are no terrorist ties to Ukraine.” Nevertheless, the Russian leader still "plans to exploit this catastrophe to solidify Russian support for the war on Ukraine," Bloomberg points out.

Potential underreporting of the death toll

The unexpected failure of the Russian intelligence services to thwart the attack on Crocus City Hall has left Kremlin officials aghast, per reports. While official figures from Moscow announce 139 deaths and 182 injuries, there are indications that the actual toll could be much higher.

- Skepticism prevails among Russian political and business circles over Ukraine's involvement in the attack, say anonymous sources at Bloomberg.

The attack has been claimed by the so-called Islamic State.

Vladimir Putin has linked the terrorist act to Ukraine on two occasions publicly. In a speech made 19 hours post-incident, he claimed the culprits were apprehended en route to Ukraine, allegedly to an "opening" prepared for their border crossing.

He further raised the question: "why did the terrorists attempt to flee to Ukraine after the crime, and who was awaiting them there?"

Attempt to implicate Ukraine

Putin suggests, despite the attack being executed by "radical Islamists," that the US is casting doubt on any involvement of Kiev, claiming "the bloody act was committed by Muslims," without trace of Ukrainian involvement.

On March 26, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, and FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, highlighted Ukraine's supposed role in the terrorist act. Bortnikov, in particular, alleges corroborative details from the supposed terrorists, obtained under torture, point to "a Ukrainian trace."

- Evidence from detainees substantiates our findings, thus we’ll delve further into the information to discern if Ukraine's involvement is factual. Regardless, we have reasons to allege its possibility - Bortnikov elaborated.

"Sick and cynical creature"

Ukraine refutes any allegations of involvement in the Crocus attack. Addressing Putin's accusations, Volodymyr Zelenskyy characterized the Russian leader as a "sick and cynical creature."

- To him, everyone is a terrorist, save for himself, albeit he's thrived on terror for two decades. He's the true epitome of terror, alongside his intelligence agencies - the Ukrainian President declared.

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