NewsKrasnodar's Struggle: Sewage Crisis Overwhelms Russian City

Krasnodar's Struggle: Sewage Crisis Overwhelms Russian City

For several months, sewage has been pouring onto the streets of Krasnodar.
For several months, sewage has been pouring onto the streets of Krasnodar.
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2:19 PM EDT, March 29, 2024

For several months, Krasnodar's streets have endured the aftermath of a failing sewage system, a plight that has become a focal point of media scrutiny. The issue, highlighted by the distressing overflow of sewage, has not only caught the attention of Russian media but also prompted commentary from a Ukrainian analyst, who pointed out the residents' struggle to live amid the pervasive stench.

Utility issues can greatly affect quality of life, especially when they result in the spillage of sewage. The situation in Krasnodar, Russia, embodies a certain irony, given its persistence and visibility.

According to the local news source "", the city has faced severe sewage problems for several months. The most significant troubles are reported at the intersection of Russian and Salt Streets, where the leakage ranges from water spilling out of manholes to, as described by journalists and locals, "a fountain of feces."

Sewage overflowing onto sidewalks and streets considerably disrupts daily life, affecting not only the residents but also businesses, including nearby grocery stores.

Krasnodar's city hall has acknowledged that the existing sewage pipes, merely 8.5 inches in diameter and quite aged, are inadequate. A project to install a new network with approximately 12-inch diameter pipes is underway. Until this upgrade is completed, residents remain plagued by the issue, losing sleep over the incessant problem.
The crux of the dilemma lies in the outdated infrastructure's inability to support the connection of numerous new buildings. This overload has led to the network's collapse.
The sewage crisis in Krasnodar, initially a local issue, has now captured international interest, thanks partly to Anton Herashchenko, the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who emphasized its significance on global social media.
By shining a light on Krasnodar's unusual predicament, Herashchenko offered a succinct, albeit sharp, comment on the situation.

Feces on Russian Street in Krasnodar. "Maybe the universe have a sense of humor"

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