EntertainmentKitten's box adventure. 500 miles to Los Angeles with Amazon

Kitten's box adventure. 500 miles to Los Angeles with Amazon

American couple accidentally sent a cat in a parcel.
American couple accidentally sent a cat in a parcel.
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8:26 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

A couple's attempt to return a purchased product to Amazon took an unexpected turn when their kitten, curious about the box it entered, accidentally got shipped back with the product. Miraculously, the cat survived a journey of nearly 500 miles.

The world contains unexplainable phenomena: crop circles, UFOs, mysterious disappearances, and cats' inexplicable love for boxes. Despite cat owners’ efforts to pamper their pets with expensive toys, modern, self-cleaning litter boxes, and premium food, nothing seems to fascinate cats more than the simple boxes their luxuries arrive in. The internet is awash with images and videos of cats playing in boxes, often claiming them as their favorite resting spots.

American couple accidentally ships cat in a package

Cats worldwide share a common love for boxes, a sentiment not lost on a kitten named Galena from Utah, United States. Her owners, vigilant to keep her indoors, faced an unforeseen dilemma on April 10, 2023. Carrie Clark realized her kitten was missing and immediately launched a search. The family distributed flyers, and Clark posted them on a local Facebook group: "Galena, our super shy domestic cat, ran away today. She is part of our family and has never been away this long."

A week after the disappearance, Clark received unexpected news: Galena's microchip had been scanned in Los Angeles. Initially skeptical, the family soon learned their pet was in the City of Angels.

Cat discovered by Amazon employees

Brandy Hunter, an Amazon employee in California, revealed on Facebook how his colleagues discovered a cat in one of the shipments. Galena had slipped into the package that Carrie Clark was returning. Without hesitation, the cat's owner flew to retrieve her adventurous pet. Galena survived the week-long journey thanks to a small hole in the box.

Upon discovery, Galena was taken to a veterinarian for a check-up, where, aside from some weight loss, she was found to be in surprisingly good condition.

Galena's journey from Utah to Los Angeles covered about 500 miles or approximately 805 kilometers.

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