LifestyleKitchen rescue: how to revive burnt pots and pans with Coca-Cola

Kitchen rescue: how to revive burnt pots and pans with Coca-Cola

How to clean a burnt pot?
How to clean a burnt pot?
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7:21 PM EST, November 24, 2023

Burnt grease on pots and pans can be a nightmare for any homemaker. Is there any way to restore your kitchen utensils to their former glory? Absolutely! Simply add a common household beverage to your dish soap.

Every now and then, cooking can result in a burnt pot or pan. These should be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible. Otherwise, the next time you burn the same utensil, cleaning it will be even more difficult.

Never cook with a previously burnt pan

Bear in mind that burnt grease not only ruins the aesthetics of your kitchenware but is also harmful to your health. The dangers of using a burnt pan or pot are not merely myths. They must be thoroughly cleaned. However, regular dish soap might not be effective enough. So, what's the solution? We have a trick that will help you permanently say goodbye to this kitchen issue.

A common beverage can save the day

Many people use spirit vinegar to clean burnt grease as its acidity works well for this task. However, not everyone is fond of their home smelling like vinegar. That's why we're suggesting an alternative solution, Coca-Cola.

This popular carbonated beverage contains a significant amount of phosphoric acid, an effective chemical compound that deals with rust, limescale, grease, and scorching, among others. It's worth mixing dish soap and Coca-Cola in a 1:1 ratio, then pouring this mixture onto the dish, and attempt to clean it after about 15 minutes. With this method, cleaning off burnt grease should be extremely easy.

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