FoodKitchen remedies: How basic spices can conquer greasy stains on your walls

Kitchen remedies: How basic spices can conquer greasy stains on your walls

Greasy stains? No problem!
Greasy stains? No problem!
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5:02 AM EST, February 16, 2024

While setting up a kitchen, considering that it's a high-traffic area susceptible to dirt, it is worth your while. Spatters from greasy dishes can create chaos, and it's not the type that can be tidied up with a mere swipe of a paper towel.

That's why having glazed tiles on your kitchen walls is a good idea, as they're easy to scrub away grease residues from cooking. However, not all of us have such a setup, and many grapple with a dirty wall. It's no sweat if the paint is washable. If not, we must rely on dependable culinary hacks that employ basic kitchen spices.

Greasy blemishes don't stand a chance

When we think about using kitchen ingredients for cleaning, baking soda is the first one that springs to mind. Rightfully so, as greasy marks, despise sodium bicarbonate. However, no tears are shed for them. But how do you apply this in practical terms? It's pretty straightforward.

Begin by brushing the walls to rid them of greasy smudges. After the dust has settled, it's time for some real action. Mix 0.4 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and stir until dissolved. Soak a cloth in this concoction and use it to erase the stains.

If stubborn, greasy smears persist on your wall, another household product comes to the rescue: potato starch. This time, avoid water or any other liquids. Instead, smear a spoonful of starch onto a cloth and rub it into the obstinate smudge. Leave it for 20 minutes. After that, sweep away the flour and marvel at the results. It appears that potato starch can effectively absorb fat from the walls. Fascinating.

Baking soda can handle greasy stains.
Baking soda can handle greasy stains.© Canva | svehlik
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