LifestyleKitchen oils: your low-cost route to clear and youthful skin

Kitchen oils: your low‑cost route to clear and youthful skin

What oils can be applied to the face and what do they do?
What oils can be applied to the face and what do they do?
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5:56 AM EST, January 28, 2024

Tackling all skin imperfections, such as acne, wrinkles, and visible capillaries, is challenging. It demands consistency and patience but doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Even though the market is flooded with cosmetics promising stunning results, some food products can stand in. They're packed with vitamins and trace elements, and what's more, they're natural and inexpensive.

Oils play a crucial role in our diet. However, they can also be used topically, leading to significant skin improvement over time. Precious are olive oil, black cumin oil, and avocado oil. So, what benefits do these kitchen staples offer?

A facial massage with olive oil can mimic a lifting effect

Olive oil is most commonly used for this purpose. Applying a few drops every night can reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process. It's loaded with vitamin E, often called the "vitamin of youth". It also moisturizes the skin. As you know, signs of aging are more evident on dry skin. For this reason, regular facial massages with olive oil are recommended, as they can simulate the effect of a lifting procedure - all while staying at home.

Avocado oil: an antidote for wrinkles and dandruff

Avocado oil can provide even better rejuvenating results, albeit somewhat pricier than olive oil. Vitamin E also contains vitamins A, B, D, H (biotin), K, and PP (niacin). This makes it a perfect match for mature and dry skin. Additionally, it can be applied to the scalp to combat dandruff. Massaging it into the scalp can not only solve this issue but also fend off excessive hair loss.

Combatting acne with black cumin oil

For those struggling with acne, black cumin oil is the way to go. Its primary benefit is its antibacterial properties, crucial for preventing blemishes. Additionally, it soothes inflammation, enhances skin tone, and regulates sebum production. This makes it a viable alternative to cosmetic products for oily and problematic skin.

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