EntertainmentKing Charles III DOES NOT INTEND to agree with Harry?! "Subtly punishes his son"

King Charles III DOES NOT INTEND to agree with Harry?! "Subtly punishes his son"

King Charles III and Prince Harry virtually have no contact with each other.
King Charles III and Prince Harry virtually have no contact with each other.
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3:52 PM EDT, October 12, 2023, updated: 7:45 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

Prince Harry has diligently worked to earn the title of black sheep in the royal family. Charles III has repeatedly reached out for reconciliation with his son despite his turning away from the British monarchy. He recently announced that he will not do this anymore.

It has already been 4 years in March since Prince Harry officially resigned from his official duties in the royal family and moved to the United States following his wife, Meghan Markle. Despite a huge image crisis and growing rumors of a crisis in his marriage, the man assures that he liked life on the other side of the ocean. However, the media present a completely different version of events.

King Charles III lost patience with his younger son

The relations between Prince Harry and his father have been strained for a while now. During the past few months, they had a chance to meet only during the coronation of King Charles III. During the ceremony, his younger son was seated only in the third row, at a significant distance from the prominently seated older brother William, his wife Kate and their three children.

The King of Great Britain is deeply affected by the loss of connection with his offspring. Allegedly, in order to improve their relationship, he personally invited Harry to participate in the events accompanying the first anniversary of his grandmother's death. After much consideration, the Duke of Sussex refused him, citing a packed schedule. However, the man flew back to his home country, where he went to the St. George's Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth is buried.

The 75-year-old ruler had an exceptionally difficult time dealing with rejection from his son. He does not intend to make any further attempts to contact him, adhering to the principle of: "if you want to meet with me, you must schedule it." This is at least what royal family expert Duncan Larcombe claims, who wrote the book "Prince Harry: the Inside Story"

However, nothing suggests that the man would want to renew the relationship and meet his father face-to-face after several years.

Do you believe him?

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