NewsKim Jong Un inspects satellite images of the USA

Kim Jong Un inspects satellite images of the USA

Launching a satellite into orbit / Kim Jong Un
Launching a satellite into orbit / Kim Jong Un
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12:08 PM EST, November 25, 2023

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has reportedly inspected images captured by a recently launched North Korean surveillance satellite. The images feature views of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and various cities housing US military bases. This news was disclosed on Saturday by the North Korean state news agency, KCNA.

The KCNA emphasized that these could be potential "targets of high importance". The satellite that captured these images was launched just last Tuesday.

Kim inspects first set of photos from satellite

During his visit to the National Aerospace Technology Administration (NATA), Kim Jong Un had the chance to review these images and recordings.

However, reports from the Reuters agency highlight that military experts from South Korea and their analysts claim that the capabilities of the North Korean satellite have yet to be independently verified. The satellite's launch has drawn condemnation from the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

In a separate statement, the KCNA issued a warning to the United States. The warning involved the US supplying modern weaponry to its regional "puppets". The KCNA underscored that even a "spark on the Korean Peninsula could incite a global nuclear war".

Did Russia assist North Korea?

South Korean representatives have made claims based on intelligence data that "Russia assisted North Korea in launching the spy satellite". After two unsuccessful tries, Pyongyang managed to position the satellite in orbit on Tuesday.

According to Ju Sang-bum, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, North Korea, after discussions with Russian leaders, provided data on the launch vehicles used in the previous two satellite attempts. Russia then presented an analysis of these data - as reported last Thursday by the Reuters agency.

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