TechKim Jong Un hails 'absolute advantage' with new hypersonic missile

Kim Jong Un hails 'absolute advantage' with new hypersonic missile

Kim Jong Un during the Hwansongpho-16B missile fire test
Kim Jong Un during the Hwansongpho-16B missile fire test
Images source: © East News | STR

6:51 AM EDT, April 3, 2024

North Korea has successfully tested a new hypersonic missile, according to Kim Jong Un, who described this "powerful weapon" as a clear demonstration of North Korean science and technology's "absolute advantage."

The state news agency, KCNA, reported that the country conducted a successful test of a new solid-fuel, medium-range ballistic missile early Wednesday morning ET under the direct supervision of Kim Jong Un.

Reports emerged on Tuesday morning from South Korean military sources about North Korea launching a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard confirmed these reports, stating that the missile covered a distance of about 373 miles before plunging into the sea.

"Absolute advantage"

KCNA indicated that the test featured a "new type of medium-range hypersonic missile," Hwasongpho-16B—the trial aimed to verify the weapon’s technical parameters and reliability.

Kim Jong Un, who oversaw the missile launch, expressed "great satisfaction" with the outcome. He declared that this "another powerful offensive weapon" showcases the "absolute advantage of our science and technology," according to the state news agency.

North Korea bolsters offensive capabilities

Kim Jong Un highlighted that enhancing missile forces is intended to enable "quick, precise, and powerful strikes on any target worldwide on the enemy's side." He stated that the most crucial objective is "to develop overwhelming power that can deter and control our enemies," as quoted by KCNA sources.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have escalated in recent months. Kim Jong Un has explicitly rejected the notion of unification with South Korea, labeling it an enemy. Some analysts view this as the onset of a new and difficult phase in the relationship between these two adversarial nations.

Observers note that Kim Jong Un's confidence is bolstered by significant progress in his country's nuclear and missile programs. Additionally, growing military cooperation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is seen as contributing to his confidence.

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