EntertainmentKickboxing champion Serhii Lysiuk falls in Ukrainian war

Kickboxing champion Serhii Lysiuk falls in Ukrainian war

Tragedy in Ukraine. The world champion was killed on the front line.
Tragedy in Ukraine. The world champion was killed on the front line.
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8:31 PM EST, November 23, 2023

Serhii Lysiuk, a multiple world kickboxing champion, died in the Ukraine war due to severe injuries. He voluntarily took a frontline position shortly after the onset of the full-scale invasion.

The Committee of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport emphasizes that Lysiuk was a celebrated athlete of Ukraine. He had multiple championship titles under his belt.

Lysiuk was also known for sharing his expertise with the next generation as a teacher in the Department of Physical Education at the State Penitentiary Service Academy.

"Serhiy was defending his land and family from Russian aggression in Donetsk. On November 12, 2023, while on a combat mission in a conflict-heavy zone in Donbass, he triggered a mine," the announced declaration stated.

Anton Heraszczenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, confirmed on social media that six-time world kickboxing champion Serhii Lysiuk had volunteered to serve at the frontline at the onset of the full-scale invasion.

Countering the aggression on November 12th, Lysiuk was grievously injured by a mine during a combat mission in the Donetsk region. Medics battled for his life for 10 days, but unfortunately, they were unable to save the champion.

"Today, we lost the battle for your life alongside you. I'm certain you tried everything conceivable, and even inconceivable, to survive," his wife Olena wrote in a heartfelt note.

Russians Surrounded Ukrainian Forces: Dramatic Report from the Trenches under Avdiivka

As per the latest information, the occupiers have initiated the third wave of active operations targeting Avdiivka. Over the past few hours, the Russians have conducted 11 air raids and dropped 973 artillery shells on Ukrainian defenders.

"Our defenders stand strong. They've destroyed 51 units of military equipment: 8 tanks, 13 anti-aircraft guns, 8 artillery systems, 2 anti-aircraft sets, shut down 15 anti-aircraft rockets, and damaged 5 vehicles. In addition, they've destroyed 2 ammunition depots and 4 significant enemy structures," reported Oleksandr Tarnawski, the Commander of the Operational Strategic Group of Soldiers "Tavria".
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