NewsKharkiv's Dire Brink: McCaul's Urgent Plea amid Ukraine Crisis

Kharkiv's Dire Brink: McCaul's Urgent Plea amid Ukraine Crisis

"On the brink of collapse". Disturbing words about a key city in Ukraine
"On the brink of collapse". Disturbing words about a key city in Ukraine
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6:47 AM EDT, April 17, 2024

"Kharkiv is on the verge of falling," warned Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "The world is on fire. History will judge us by our actions... Were you Chamberlain, or were you Churchill?" he added, urging the adoption of bills to aid Ukraine and Israel.

Following Iran's attacks on Israel, there were indications that the USA might prioritize aid to Tel Aviv's government. Concurrently, the likelihood of assistance for Ukraine seems to be diminishing.

During a conference, Chairman McCaul outlined plans to vote on four separate bills concerning support for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific nations, and the confiscation of frozen Russian assets. He emphasized that the situation in Kharkiv is critical, with the entire energy network at risk of destruction.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson announced at the conference that he intends to vote on all four bills and forward them to the Senate this week before the next Congressional recess. Yet Johnson acknowledged the challenges ahead, pointing to significant opposition from the far-right faction of the Republicans, who have vehemently opposed his strategy.

"We need steady leadership. We need steady hands on the wheel… I regard myself as a wartime Speaker." Johnson responded to the critics, highlighting the dangerous times we live in.

"All Options Are on the Table"

Steve Scalise, the Republican majority leader, when queried about a potential Plan B should Johnson's initiative fail, stated, "Failure is not an option."

To maintain his position and avoid the fate of his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted by the far-right, Johnson must secure support from Democrats. Their leader, Pete Aguilar, indicated that his party is not inclined to support the removal of the Speaker.

Aguilar noted that his party primarily focuses on passing legislation to assist Ukraine and Israel. He left the possibility of supporting Johnson's plan but stressed that their support hinges on the bills' contents, which remain unpublished. If the bills diverge from the initial structure combining aid for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific, the Democrats will withdraw their support.

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