EntertainmentKetamine and testosterone: New details emerge in Matthew Perry's autopsy

Ketamine and testosterone: New details emerge in Matthew Perry's autopsy

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry
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3:13 PM EST, December 17, 2023

A report from the Los Angeles coroner's office reveals that ketamine was found in Matthew Perry's blood at the time of his death. Ketamine is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety, and this substance has been linked directly to Perry's death.

According to the high levels of ketamine in his post-mortem blood samples, the primary causes of death are likely excessive stimulation of the circulatory system and respiratory depression, as stated in the report quoted by CNN.

The report indicates that Perry underwent therapy that used ketamine to manage his depression and anxiety. Known for its use as an anesthetic in surgeries, ketamine is often used recreationally due to its hallucinatory effects.

Documents reveal that Perry was receiving testosterone injections as well. A coworker of Perry's stated that hormone therapy had significantly altered his temperament, making him "nasty and unpleasant" in the weeks leading up to his death. Despite this, he appeared significantly happier and mentally healthier during this period.

A colleague shared that she'd spoken to [Perry] a few days prior to his passing and he seemed fine, even in good spirits. He was also receiving testosterone injections, which in her opinion were responsible for his "nasty and unpleasant" behavior in the last few weeks, the NY Post recalls.

The reasons for Perry's testosterone injections are unclear. It's speculated the injections were meant to counteract a weight loss medication the actor was taking, based on estrogen.

But it wasn't just ketamine and testosterone found in Perry's system. He had also been taking several other medications and vitamins before his death. The autopsy report, however, emphasizes these were not narcotics.

Perry was a heavy smoker, but he did not consume alcohol prior to his death. He had reportedly made a switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and nicotine lollipops before his passing.

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