TechKendrick Lamar introduces 'Dumb Phone' with a unique twist

Kendrick Lamar introduces 'Dumb Phone' with a unique twist

Kendrick Lamar released "Dumb Phone"
Kendrick Lamar released "Dumb Phone"
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8:51 AM EST, November 9, 2023

Renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar has introduced a product that counters the concept of a smartphone. Named the "Dumb Phone", this device intentionally lacks the high-tech features prevalent in modern phones.

The product, also known as the Light Phone 2, was brought to the market by pgLang, a creative agency owned by Kendrick Lamar and co-managed with his friend Dave Free. The creation of this simplistic phone is a collaboration between them and Light Corp.

The minimalistic design of the phone does not include a web browser nor social media access, instead, its screen resembles the appearance of paper-like some e-readers.

This cleverly branded 'dumb' phone permits function such as calling, messaging, setting alarms, and enabling a hotspot, among others. It offers additional tools like a music player, a notepad, a calculator, and a unique 'language' tool that works like a magic 8 ball - simply ask the phone a question, shake it, and get an answer!

Light Phone 2
Light Phone 2©

Aiming to minimize distractions and ccreen time

As per the observers' remarks, "The intent of this phone is not only to be functional but also to be stylish, offering exclusive access to Kendrick Lamar's material before its official release."

The Light Phone 2 by pgLang hit the market at the start of November with a price tag of $299. According to pgLang's official website, all 250 limited edition devices have already been snapped up. The popularity of such devices comes as no surprise given that HMD Global, the producer of Nokia phones, reported monthly sales of tens of thousands of similar phones in 2022.

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