LifestyleKendra Wilkinson reveals life of celibacy after public marriage failures

Kendra Wilkinson reveals life of celibacy after public marriage failures

Kendra Wilkinson was one of the "Playboy" models
Kendra Wilkinson was one of the "Playboy" models
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7:49 AM EDT, June 12, 2024

Kendra Wilkinson gained popularity as one of the "Playboy Bunnies." Although she was considered a sex symbol for years, she now lives in celibacy, as she revealed in one of her latest interviews. On June 12, the model turned 39.

From 2005 to 2009, Kendra Wilkinson appeared on "The Girls Next Door," documenting life at Hugh Hefner's residence. Alongside Holly Madison, she became one of the most recognizable "Bunnies."

In 2009, she left the show and married American football player Hank Baskett, with whom she had two children: a son and a daughter. The couple divorced in 2018, and Wilkinson, as she revealed in "People," has avoided close relationships since then.

Frank confession about sex. The "Playboy" star lives in celibacy

Wilkinson and Baskett ultimately separated after nine years of a tumultuous relationship, shortly after his infidelity came to light. The former "Playboy" model confessed that after the divorce, she didn't enter any relationship and has been celibate for several years.

"It's been so long since I've had sex — it's been so long that I've had any. Because I shamed myself on my sexuality too. Everyone sees me as a sex icon, so I shamed myself. I shamed myself, and I stayed away from anything sex. I almost became celibate," she said in "People."

She forgave her husband for cheating. She talks about their relationship

The former model admitted that she forgave her ex-husband's infidelity and currently holds no grudge against him. "I know myself, I can forgive. And I want to see Hank do well in life. He's working so hard — he's putting so much effort into his business and being a great dad," she emphasized.

"What he did in my marriage doesn't define him to me today," she added. "I [also] made mistakes in the marriage, and we both signed up for a reality show with our marriage. And we never got a chance to truly know who we were," she stated.

Wilkinson also emphasized that she is currently focusing on raising her children, and although she does not plan another relationship shortly, she would like to "start to have fun again."

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