EntertainmentKelly Clarkson's emotional revelation on the Clarkson show with Hillary Clinton

Kelly Clarkson's emotional revelation on the Clarkson show with Hillary Clinton

Kelly Clarkson talked about pregnancy on her talk show.
Kelly Clarkson talked about pregnancy on her talk show.
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6:24 PM EDT, April 18, 2024

Appearing on the show of American singer Kelly Clarkson was Hillary Clinton, who twice ran for President of the United States. They discussed Arizona's new stringent anti-abortion law. Clarkson, emotionally, shared her own harrowing pregnancy experiences, revealing moments when she felt overwhelmed.

Kelly Clarkson became a mother to her daughter, River, in 2014 and, two years later, to her son, Remy. She faced severe challenges during her pregnancies, battling extreme nausea, dehydration, and multiple hospital admissions.

"I have the worst pregnancies ever. I can't go through it again," she stated on the show "Carolina In The Morning".

Due to her difficult experiences, Clarkson eventually decided to have her fallopian tubes tied.

"I begged God to take me and my son"

During her chat with Hillary Clinton on her talk show, Kelly Clarkson revisited her traumatic pregnancy experiences in light of the Arizona Supreme Court ruling on April 9. The decision severely restricts abortion, permitting it only when the woman's life is in danger. It disallows termination of pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, referring to a law from 1864.

"I literally asked God to just take me and my son in the hospital for the second time, because I was like, ‘It’s the worst thing,'" the host of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" shared, struggling to hold back tears.

"This is insane"

Hillary Clinton, acknowledging Clarkson's story as representative of millions of women, offered encouragement.

"It was my decision and I’m so glad I did it, I love my babies, but to make someone …" Clarkson continued. "And you don’t realize how hard it is. The fact that you would take that away from someone, that can literally kill them. The fact that if they’re raped by their family member and they have to — it’s just like insane to me." Clarkson expressed, visibly moved.

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