LifestyleKeeping your garden mole-free: The humane guide to deterring pesky pests

Keeping your garden mole-free: The humane guide to deterring pesky pests

Home remedies for moles are simple.
Home remedies for moles are simple.
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4:42 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Wondering how to rid your garden of moles? This question becomes top of mind for many as springtime approaches. This is due to the nuisances these pests can cause, even in the most pristine and well-kept gardens. They create unsightly molehills, and often chew on plant roots while digging underground tunnels, leading to plant deterioration.

Use this simple home remedy to deter moles from your garden

Thankfully, proven methods to manage moles in your garden do not have to involve causing harm to the animals. We can avoid setting lethal traps or pouring mole poison into mounds. Importantly, we must remember that moles can also be beneficial to plants. They consume insects that pose danger to our seedlings, and they help to aerate the soil. That said, their presence in the garden can still be a bother. There are more humane methods to get rid of these intruders, some of which might surprise you.

Using cat or dog feces is one of the effective home remedies for deterring moles from your property. Few people are aware, but moles are highly averse to the scent from pet litter. Burying the litter in mole tunnels will certainly keep them at bay. Also, cat or dog fur can do the trick - they emit a smell that mole's find unpleasant.

Looking for ways to rid your garden of moles? Here are some practical tips

Moles are also repelled by certain plant scents. Planting varieties like black elderberry, marigolds, basil, garlic, or cosmos can help deter them. These plants emit a scent that moles find off-putting.

Rotting fish serves as a natural mole deterrent. Particularly, residues of herring have been found to be very effective in deterring these pests. Simply place it at the tunnel entrance. Also, moles are not fond of the smell of vinegar and citrus.

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