LifestyleKeeping your cat hydrated: Tips on water placement and bowl choice

Keeping your cat hydrated: Tips on water placement and bowl choice

Never put the cat's water bowl in this spot.
Never put the cat's water bowl in this spot.
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10:34 AM EDT, June 5, 2024

Water is just as crucial in our cat's diet as it is in the diet of any other living organism. Unfortunately, not every cat is eager to drink it. Moreover, placing the bowl in one spot may discourage them from quenching their thirst.

Water is essential for the body to function properly, including in cats. However, a few details might discourage our pet from drinking the bowl's contents.

Few people realize how crucial the location of the container from which our cat drinks is. If we place it in the wrong spot, we might further discourage the cat from drinking.

Want your cat to drink water regularly? Follow these rules

The water-filled bowl mustn't be placed near the litter box or the food dish. Both the litter box and the food dish can be sources of contamination, which pets immediately sense. Another crucial point is that the water bowl should be left in a quiet corner, away from hallways, doors, or areas frequently used by household members. A windowsill is also a poor choice.

Owners of these four-legged friends also reveal that sometimes it's good to place several water bowls in different locations and observe which location best suits the cat.

The location of the bowl is not the only thing to consider. Please pay attention to the bowl itself as well. Most cats are satisfied with glass or metal bowls; they don't particularly like plastic ones. It's best to choose a shallow yet wide dish.

What kind of water for the cat?

Remember to change the cat's water daily to keep it fresh and clean. Wash the bowl each time you change the water. The liquid must be at room temperature. It's best to choose high-quality tap water that is not chlorinated, filtered, boiled, and cooled, or spring water with low mineral content and is non-carbonated.

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