LifestyleKeeping Summer's Scent Alive: Secrets to Long-Lasting Lilacs in your Home

Keeping Summer's Scent Alive: Secrets to Long-Lasting Lilacs in your Home

Conceptual photo
Conceptual photo
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6:32 AM EST, January 14, 2024

Lilacs captivate with their beautiful scent. When they are in bloom, it's impossible not to be enchanted by their pleasant aroma. Reflecting their allure, many people bring them into their homes. How, then, can we keep lilacs fresher for a longer period in a vase?

We are currently in the midst of the lilac season. Whether in the city streets or rural villages, the unique flower seems to be everywhere. You can't ignore their presence. Even if you don't notice them visually, their scent will surely grab your attention.

Some people choose to bring lilacs into their homes. So, when is the ideal time to pick them?

The best times to pick lilac branches are early in the morning or late in the evening when the plants are not exposed to direct sunlight, as suggested by "Super Express".

It is often disappointing to see that lilacs in a vase wilt quickly. To prevent this, follow a few crucial steps. Remove the bottom leaves from the branches before placing the lilacs in a vase. Only the bare stems should be immersed in water.

You can also condition the branches by immersing the stems' ends in boiling water for about 5-10 seconds. Afterward, place the flowers in a vase with clean, room-temperature water, advises the magazine.

Adding This to the Water Helps Keep Lilacs Fresh

As it turns out, adding a teaspoon of sugar to the vase water can prolong the life of lilacs. Other helpful items include a copper penny and a tablet of aspirin. If no nutrients are provided, change the water daily and prune the branches as required.

Is your lilac bouquet starting to wilt? Breathe new life into it using a simple method. Trim and rinse the ends of the branches thoroughly before immersing them in a bowl of cold water. This can help rejuvenate your wilting lilacs.

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