LifestyleKeanu Reeves at the shooting range. it's not all about the movies

Keanu Reeves at the shooting range. it's not all about the movies

Keanu Reeves during shooting training
Keanu Reeves during shooting training
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8:16 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

Keanu Reeves is one of the most popular actors in the world. He gained great popularity, of course, from the Matrix trilogy, but also from the lead role in the John Wick series. However, Reeves not only operates guns and a rifle on screen.

Hollywood is a mine of various colorful personalities who are adored by the masses. Keanu Reeves is notably appreciated for his way of being and acting. The Canadian actor and film producer is one of the biggest stars of contemporary cinema, and fans love him not only for his dedication in preparing for roles but also for his philanthropy and down-to-earth nature.

His career exploded after his role in The Matrix, where he played the main character, Neo. However, currently, his main role in the action movie series John Wick brings him the most popularity. Reeves has truly dedicated a lot to this role, and people from his immediate circle, as well as experts, unanimously agree that the role of John Wick is incredibly demanding.

As befits an action movie and the role of a paid assassin, handling weapons is very important. However, is what we see on screen completely detached from reality? It turns out that it's not, and a video that premiered in 2019 and has now gained a second life on platform X, perfectly reflects this.

We see very advanced shooting training in the material. Keanu Reeves uses a range of different weapons during it - from pistols to rifles, to shotguns. He also practices shooting with his weaker hand (the actor is left-handed), as well as smoothly changing the weapons he holds. However, what impresses me the most in this recording is the impressive accuracy. It's clear that it wasn't the first time Keanu had gone through such training.

Keanu Reeves and grueling training. "His body went through hell"

However, firearm shooting is just a part of preparations for the role of John Wick, as emphasized in a conversation with Esquire magazine by Patrick Murphy, a trainer of Hollywood stars.

John Wick is one of the most physically demanding roles in movie history. The entire choreography, combined with various martial arts, falls, acrobatics, horse riding, stunt car driving, shooting training, and various other weapons training means that Keanu Reeves' body has been through hell and back.
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