LifestyleKate Middleton's clutch: the fashion choice with a royal purpose

Kate Middleton's clutch: the fashion choice with a royal purpose

Duchess Kate
Duchess Kate
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7:51 PM EST, November 28, 2023

The Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Kate Middleton, is frequently seen in public appearances holding a notable clutch in her hand. This is not an arbitrary detail but rather a mindful decision rooted in royal tradition and etiquette.

Kate Middleton, spouse of Prince William, is regarded by many as a genuine style icon. Her appearances during official engagements continually garner interest and admiration from the general public and fashion connoisseurs alike.

Nonetheless, it's not merely her fashion prowess and eye for detail that distinguishes Duchess Kate. Her choice to always carry a clutch builds upon royal tradition and etiquette. This is less a decision motivated by current fashion trends, but more a tactful strategy to avert potentially uncomfortable situations.

Etiquette expert explains why Duchess Kate uses her purse as a shield

According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, Duchess Kate holds her clutch with both hands in front of her if there's a chance of an awkward handshake. This acts as a subtle deterrent to unwanted physical interaction.

Another etiquette professional, William Hanson, underscores that when the Duchess has her hands occupied, it sends a clear message to her interlocutor that a handshake in this situation is inappropriate. Many are oblivious to the rules of royal etiquette, which permit royal family members to initiate a handshake. If the Duchess doesn't extend her hand initially for a greeting, it serves as a cue that a simple smile or nod of acknowledgment is adequate.

Noteworthy is that this habit reflects the continuation of a tradition initiated by Queen Elizabeth II, which was then carried forward by Princess Diana. Duchess Kate, by adopting the same practice, underscores the importance she places on royal etiquette.

Duchess Kate
Duchess Kate© Getty Images
Duchess Kate
Duchess Kate© Getty Images
Duchess Kate and Prince William
Duchess Kate and Prince William© Getty Images
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