NewsKanye West makes a surprise visit to Moscow for friend's birthday

Kanye West makes a surprise visit to Moscow for friend's birthday

Kanye West visited Russia.
Kanye West visited Russia.
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6:59 PM EDT, June 30, 2024

American rapper Kanye West is in Moscow. Independent Russian media are buzzing about his visit. The musician is reportedly there to attend his friend's birthday.

Since the full-scale attack on Ukraine, Western artists have not arrived or performed in Russia until now. This time, independent media not affiliated with the Kremlin reported that the musician was in Moscow on June 30.

Although the musician has not officially confirmed this visit, Russian TV presenter Yana Rudkowska has commented on the American's visit to Russia.

Kanye West is already in Moscow! This is great news, he is staying in the heart of the capital - reports agency TASS. Radio Free Europe also claims that Russian social media are showing photos of the 47-year-old in Moscow and other places in Russia.

What is Kanye West doing in Russia?

Russian media reports that rumors of the rapper's alleged concert have been circulating for several months. It was even written that West would perform at Luzhniki Stadium on June 8, but the event did not occur. This time, the rapper will probably not present himself before a Russian audience.

The "Moscow Times" reports that Kanye West is visiting for the birthday of his friend and fashion designer Georgiy Rubchinskiy. In December 2023, the musician announced that Russian would be the director of projects for the Yeezy brand.

Kanye West is a controversial rapper. Recently, the American stated that he likes Adolf Hitler, loves Nazis and that the Holocaust never happened. He is known for his anti-abortion views. According to him, terminating a pregnancy should be banned in every case.

For many years, Kanye West supported Donald Trump. It is worth noting that he tried his hand at politics himself, but his presidential campaign failed.

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