Kanye West addresses recent rumors about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl controversy

Kanye West addresses recent rumors about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl controversy
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11:22 AM EST, February 15, 2024

Is it true that Kanye West bought the Super Bowl ticket for a seat in front of Taylor Swift? Is it true that Taylor Swift wanted him removed from this seat? The rapper denies the outraging suggestions.

Taylor Swift has been all over the place during the Super Bowl. All the media in the world were writing about her flight, attendance, cheers, friends, and most importantly, her romance with the Kansas City American football star - Travis Kelce.

The media also intensively wrote about the Super Bowl afterparty in Las Vegas. It was there that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been celebrating their unprecedented success.

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The story was so interesting, hot, and written as if by a screenwriter that people could not help themselves fantasizing about it further. Perhaps this mood caused the rumor about the Kanye West seat to spread. It is unclear who initiated the rumor, but the media claim that former NFL player Brandon Marshall alleged the situation. However, this information should be treated carefully, as it is with all such stories. It is reported that he even confused Taylor Swift with Katy Perry, which is not a very good sign of the reliability of the information.

Loooooong story

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have a fascinating, intense, and turbulent past with each other. Unsurprisingly, rumors about them spread with the speed of light. Everyone remembers it started in 2009 when the rapper invaded the stage while Taylor Swift accepted her award for the video of the year on the MTV VMAs gala. From then on, the story continued more or less intensively. They repeatedly were apologizing each other and... taking back their apologies. They were singing songs hinting at each other. They were even reuniting at a Grammy Awards. The situation between the two is still feeding the media and showbusiness magazines. When is it all going to stop? It is tough to tell what will happen in the future.

Sources: CBS Sports; people.com

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