NewsKadyrov's Prince: 16-year-old son takes charge at elite Russian academy

Kadyrov's Prince: 16‑year-old son takes charge at elite Russian academy

Kadyrov's son is making a career. All thanks to his father.
Kadyrov's son is making a career. All thanks to his father.
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2:38 PM EDT, April 29, 2024

At just 16 years old, Adam Kadyrov is carving out a career in Russia, thanks to a significant appointment from his father. Ramzan Kadyrov, who has strong ties with Vladimir Putin and rules Chechnya, designated his son as the curator of the Putin Russian Special Forces University.

Throughout the years, as Ramzan Kadyrov maintains his hold over Chechnya and remains a vital ally to Vladimir Putin, he has also been keen on ensuring his son Adam embarks on a promising career path. Despite being only 16, Adam has amassed a collection of awards in recent months. His latest achievement is his appointment as the Russian Special Forces University curator named after Putin, reported by the Belsat station.

A fast-tracked career for Kadyrov’s son, courtesy of his father

It’s reported that the Chechen leader sees his son as well acquainted with the operations of the notable university, confident in his ability to thrive in the position. This move by Kadyrov comes as no surprise, as Russian media has been abuzz with talks of his deteriorating health, positioning Adam as a potential successor. A swift rise in the military ranks could help the young Kadyrov earn the necessary acknowledgment and esteem.

Adam is not only celebrated with Chechnya's highest honors and distinctions from several other Russian national republics; he is also the head of his father's security service. In November 2023, he took on another significant role as the curator of the Sheikh Mansur battalion, which falls under the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Adam Kadyrov attracted widespread attention in the fall of 2023 when he was involved in an incident with Nikita Zhuravel, a suspect in a Quran desecration case, in Detention Center No. 1 in Grozny. Following this, his father publicly praised him on social media, crowning him with the title Hero of the Chechen Republic.

The slew of accolades has brought Adam fame and tangible benefits and privileges. Being named Hero of the Chechen Republic doesn't just mean a gold medal of 750 grade for Adam; it also comes with unfettered access to government facilities and VIP status at public events.

Adam Kadryow's hefty scollarships

Moreover, Adam's collection of titles comes with financial perks, including lifetime monthly stipends ranging from RUB 3,000 to 5,000 (approximately $45-$67), benefits that extend to his family even after his death.

Journalists from the Wiorstka portal have suggested that the decision to award the teenager stems directly from Ramzan Kadyrov's personal initiative. By doing so, the Chechen leader aims to craft a formidable legacy for his son, branding him as a staunch defender of Islam, among other accolades.

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