NewsKadyrov declaration after attack on Israel: "Our units are ready"

Kadyrov declaration after attack on Israel: "Our units are ready"

Ramzan Kadyrov supports the actions of the Palestinians. He offered help.
Ramzan Kadyrov supports the actions of the Palestinians. He offered help.
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7:20 PM EDT, October 10, 2023, updated: 2:15 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

Since Saturday (October 7), a full-scale war has been underway between Hamas, who launched an attack from the Gaza Strip, and Israel. The Palestinians have killed several hundred Israelis and kidnapped over 130 more. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising retaliation. Hamas is receiving words of support from Iran and Lebanon. Ramzan Kadyrov also expressed his support for terrorists actions and offered his help.

Ramzan Kadyrov is a Chechen leader who is also one of Vladimir Putin's most loyal collaborators. His fighters are participating in the war in Ukraine. Even though the Chechens have rebelled against Russia many times, Kadyrov maintains discipline in this Caucasian republic with an iron hand and stays close to Putin and his entourage.

Recently, there have been reports about the alleged death of Kadyrov. As evidenced by recordings, his health status is indeed not very good, however, the Chechen leader is still alive and wants to actively participate in international politics. His recent words confirm this.

Kadyrov on Hamas' attack on Israel

As reported by Nexta, Kadyrov enthusiastically received the news about the attack of Palestinian fighters on Israel. Many things link the Chechens with them. Both are believers in Islam and know perfectly well what it's like to live right next to a more powerful adversary. The difference is that Kadyrov and his fighters made a deal with Russia in exchange for maintaining nearly full control in Chechnya.

The leader of the Caucasian republic has recorded an appeal addressed to other leaders, in which he condemned Israel and expressed a willingness to help.

If necessary, our units are ready to act as peace forces to restore order! - says Kadyrov quoted by Nexta.

The Chechen chieftain also asked that the mosque in the city of Abu Ghosh not be attacked. The temple was built in honor of Ramzan's father, Achmat. The building was reportedly hit by a Palestinian rocket.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is ongoing

On Saturday (October 7th), Hamas conducted an operation aimed at Israel. Palestinians fired rockets at Israeli cities. They also carried out brutal actions involving fighters who intruded into Israel. They committed murders on the civilian population. Over 100 people have been kidnapped and being held as hostages.

Israel has announced retaliation. For several days, regular bombings of the Gaza Strip have been ongoing. The military is slowly gathering, 300 thousand reservists have been called to arms. It appears that the entry of Israeli troops into Palestinian territory is only a matter of time. It's worth noting that fighting is also taking place in the north. There was an exchange of fire with Hezbollah, which is attacking Israel from Lebanese territory.

Israeli television channels reported on Monday (October 9) that the death toll from the Hamas attack had risen to 900 Israelis, at least 2600 had been injured, and dozens had been taken prisoner. Meanwhile, the Gaza Health Ministry reported that at least 687 Palestinians had been killed and 3726 had been injured in Israeli air raids. Unfortunately, the victim count will increase with each passing hour.

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