LifestyleJurassic Park in Florida? Massive alligator spotted on golf course stirs up social media

Jurassic Park in Florida? Massive alligator spotted on golf course stirs up social media

An alligator was photographed on the golf course.
An alligator was photographed on the golf course.
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6:18 PM EST, January 22, 2024

Images of alligators, frequently sighted in various parts of Florida, appear on the internet occasionally. These photos can cause amusement and terror, especially when the reptiles are large and come close to people, for instance, invading a football field.

Alligator sighted on a golf course: "Welcome to Florida"

On this occasion, a huge alligator was seen wandering onto a golf course. "Welcome to Florida, home of Jurassic Park," leisurely captioned the photo Matt Devitt, a meteorologist from WINK News. Judging by the photo, it's clear that it's quite a specimen, though its exact size remains a mystery. It's worth noting that the longest alligator recorded in Florida was over thirteen feet long, with the heaviest one reaching nearly half a ton in weight.

Devitt's post caused quite a reaction. Several internet users from the USA joined the conversation by sharing photographs of alligators who had made appearances in their home gardens. The significant size of the reptile captured by Devitt was also a point of fascination for many. One netizen exclaimed, "I've lived here my whole life. This is the biggest one I've ever seen."

"We have lived in Florida since 1989. The largest alligator I've ever seen was lying across the channel near Debary around 20 years ago. We promptly turned our boat around and headed in the opposite direction," shared another netizen.

Approaching alligators is ill-advised

Alligators are carnivorous predators preying on mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and other reptiles. They possess powerful tails that assist in swimming and act as a defensive mechanism.

Despite their intimidating size, these animals are not aggressive and generally prefer to avoid human contact and noisy areas. However, they can pose a danger to humans when provoked or irritated. It is strongly advised that they should not be fed under any circumstances, regardless of their size.

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